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I mess around with writing, but deep down I'm pretty sure I'll never actually get published because I treat it like a hobby and not a passion -- I write when I have time, instead of making time to write.


When I read, I prefer YA sci-fi/ fantasy as my go-to fiction reads. I tend toward this genre because I read fiction as an escape from the daily drudge of life. YA sci/fi-fantasy usually has more upbeat/ hopeful endings, while adult fiction of any genre (except romance) tends to have more depressingly realistic endings. Sometimes I read romance novels, but I really prefer the type with plot/ character development between sex scenes, and I don't like having to hunt for them.


In non-fiction, I prefer history, biographies, psychology, gender studies, social/applied sciences, and law/ public policy.

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Pink Brain, Blue Brain: How Small Differences Grow Into Troublesome Gaps -- And What We Can Do About It
Lise Eliot
White by Law: The Legal Construction of Race
Ian F. Haney López

Two-way Street

Two-Way Street - Lauren Barnholdt It was . . . cute? Interesting? Quick? Let me put it this way: It was a quick read, fairly well-written, but nothing special. It's not fantastic, best-seller material, it's not full of ground-breaking revelations or nuanced descriptions, and it's not going to be a life-changing (or even week-changing) read.But it's not horrendously awful. It's not like Twilight or something. The characterizations are fleshed out, the plot pacing is decent, and the descriptions are well-done.A good afternoon read. Simple, quick, fluff and fun.