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I mess around with writing, but deep down I'm pretty sure I'll never actually get published because I treat it like a hobby and not a passion -- I write when I have time, instead of making time to write.


When I read, I prefer YA sci-fi/ fantasy as my go-to fiction reads. I tend toward this genre because I read fiction as an escape from the daily drudge of life. YA sci/fi-fantasy usually has more upbeat/ hopeful endings, while adult fiction of any genre (except romance) tends to have more depressingly realistic endings. Sometimes I read romance novels, but I really prefer the type with plot/ character development between sex scenes, and I don't like having to hunt for them.


In non-fiction, I prefer history, biographies, psychology, gender studies, social/applied sciences, and law/ public policy.

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Pink Brain, Blue Brain: How Small Differences Grow Into Troublesome Gaps -- And What We Can Do About It
Lise Eliot
White by Law: The Legal Construction of Race
Ian F. Haney López

Unspoken: The Lynburn Legacy

Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan Sarah Rees Brennan has been my favorite writer since I was first introduced to her work. Still, I was a little nervous about reading this -- I loved The Demon's Lexicon so much, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get "into" a new series for missing the cast of DL. Plus, in the past I've loved one series by an author, but been put off or underwhelmed by another. I was afraid this would be the case with Unspoken, and I didn't want it to me.My worries were for naught. Sarah Rees Brennan remains a master of her craft. Her characters and plotlines are unique and beautifully crafted. I love the dialogue between her characters, the friendship and easy banter. I love Brennan's descriptions, the way she uses a few vivid sentences to create a fully formed image in your head of a location or situation. I'm also, I must admit, fascinated by the mind that comes up with these plotlines. I don't know what inspired Rees Brennan to write this book and these characters, but I suspect it has something to do with how song lyrics and storybooks present the image of love. I'm amazed by someone who could take such an abstract concept and make it so literal, yet so believable. She really is a stunning writer, and you have to just admire the sort of creativity that inspires such unique plots.